Thursday, March 17, 2011

Freedom to.....

I love being married.  I love being able to decide that I love this man and I want to be with him forever and just make the choice and have others support it.  I love being able to openly say "I'm in love, I'm married and I want everyone to know it!"  I know this next statement could be controversial to many but...I wish everyone had that same right.

How does 2 men or 2 woman being married hurt someone else?  It may offend you.  It may confuse you.  It may even disgust you (let me say I don't feel this way!). But how does it HURT you?  It doesn't.

I even extend this to polygamy.  We can all agree on some things: child-brides...bad;  welfare fraud...bad; cheating on your taxes..."bad" (lol).  But those are the extremes we see on TV.  If someone wants to be married to multiple wives and have 30 children, why should I care?  As long as the adults in the family work to support their own children, and are all in agreement of the situation then let them do what they will.

If people marry in a religious ceremony and don't really get a "legal" marriage licence then they technically aren't even breaking the law.  In the case of the TV series "Sister Wives" (yes, I watch lots of bad reality TV. lol) the husband is only legally married to 1 wife.

They all feel that their children should have the right to choose whichever path they want in life.  If they want to pursue polygamy or momogomy they have support from their parents.  How many main-stream parents can say they would allow their child open-heartedly to do whatever made them happy when it comes to love and marriage?

I guess I just think what makes me so lucky to be allowed to marry and love whoever I want?  Any one of us could have been born into a different lifestyle or fell in love with someone else...wouldn't you want to be able to express that love openly?

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  1. I completely agree with this. I used to think polygamy was all cult following and child raping. But Sister Wives showed me a new side to it and I feel like they aren't hurting me or interfering in my life, so why should I care?