Sunday, March 13, 2011


I plan to post something real later, but I heard this song earlier and it describles well how I feel lately...or at least how I want to get to feeling. It's just the bridge and chorus but my favorite parts. The song is "Mountains" by Lonestar:

This world ain't fair
It can knock you on your butt
You can just lie there
Or you can get back up
You gotta get back up

There are times in life when you gotta crawl
Lose your grip, trip and fall
When you can't lean on no-one else
That's when you find yourself
I've been around and I've noticed that
Walkin's easier when the road is flat
Them danged ol' hiils'll get you every time
Yeah, the good Lord gave us mountains
(The good Lord gave us mountains)
So we could learn how to climb
Yeah, oh

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