Monday, March 28, 2011

"Quick" update....

So it's been forever since I updated!  Sorry about that but things have been really hectic!  Here's  quick (aka long) snapshot of the days since I last posted!

C25K- I finished week 1 and on the last day of it I ran at a 10 mile/hour pace.  I felt like it kicked my butt but I was so glad I got through it.  Tomorrow I start week 2/day 1, so we'll see how that goes!

We booked our summer vacation for June and I'm SUPER excited!  We are going away with my best friend & her family for 4 nights to this great little place (at least I hope it's as great as it looks!). We're each renting a 2 bedroom townhouse at this place called Nordic Village.  Those of you who know the New England area, we will be right near Storyland and the kids will have a great time!  We're getting there on Sunday and leaving  on Thursday. Then I'll have 2 days at home to recover before going back to work on Sat night.  I haven't taken a whole week off from work since BEFORE Hannah was born.   I am just really happy to do this before we TTC after the summer.  

Saturday Hannah had a birthday party for one of her friends and it was drop-off.  So I got to head over to the mall for about 1.5 hours and get some shopping done.  I bought a dress and shoes for the wedding we're going to in a few weeks and I LOVE it!  It's super-cute and it's probably the first time in a long time that I've tried on a dress and immediately thought "wow, i love this" and then still felt that way when I got home!  

I have to give a bunch of money to the tax man and I'm not happy about it.  We knew it was coming because we got bumped into the next tax bracket this year and wasn't enough held back.  so boo to that.  That leaves me 5ish months to save the money I want so I am going to be really annoying and not let Zach spend any money. Lol.  

Well that's about all for now!!! 

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