Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Not sure if any of you have ever worked night shifts, but every so often it's like having a newborn again.  Yesterday I woke up at 3pm to get Hannah off the bus and then wasn't able to really nap in the evening.  Work, as usual, was from 11pm-7am and then I had to go to a work training from 8am-12pm.  Got home just after 1, slept for a glorious 90ish minutes, and got up to get Hannah off the bus.  Then had to take her to dance class from 430-530.  So in the past 28ish hours I've had less than 2 hours of sleep.

I've reached that point of being tired-drunk.  All you mama's know what I mean?  I realized somewhere around 30 minutes into dance class, while talking with another mom, that I hadn't eaten.  Not just lunch or dinner, I hadn't eaten since the 2 graham crackers I ate at 2am....hmmm, probably should eat.  Ok got that covered when we got home.  Basic mental function?  Um, no!  Hannah asked me how to spell teacher... not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... just teacher.  I had to spellcheck it.  My head was pounding at one point but I wouldn't take anything...I couldn't remember what or when I had taken earlier!

On the upside I did remember to: stop at all red lights, feed Hannah (though she probably would have just fed herself...lol), change into my PJs, warn my husband that I'm exhausted and most importantly...update my blog.  Lol

[And I must mention that I had to correct about 15 different things in this short blog...goodnight!]


  1. GET SOME SLEEP!!! I would be a zombie too if I was you!!

  2. Lol...working on it. Zach just got home about 30 minutes ago and Hannah was in a "please dont go to sleep" mood. Bedtime now...promise!