Friday, March 4, 2011


So I just talked to Zach.  His boss (who loves loves loves him) is leaving.  We have been so lucky up till now.  He has no degree and has basically worked his way up the ladder with her pushing him along.  She had told him a few months ago that if he kept pushing himself like he does she'd like to have him running one of the new branches when it opens (he is currently manager of an established branch and getting the new ones is a huge raise and a huge honor).  She also told him she was pushing for one more raise for him since he is on the lower end of what the managers get paid.  Now she's leaving and there's a big chance none of this will happen.

We are comfortable with our income right now and we certainly don't NEED more.  It just throws a big wrench into our TTC plans. Zach's anticipated raise was a big part of our planned timing for TTC.  We were hoping that if we could save what we wanted on our income now, and then he got this raise then by the time the baby came (about 15-18 months away based on our "plans") then we would have enough for maternity leave and daycare 2 days a week for at least the first few months of back to work.  It's going to take a lot to convince him that it would all still work, money would just be a little tighter.  Normally I don't think this would bother me so much...but today just hasn't been my day.

And it's not going to be my night.  I am working with 2 woman tonight that are just horrible to work with.  The assignment is always made unfairly and neither of them are any help.  Plus, they're not the kind of coworks I can sit and tell all these things to and feel better.  Hopefully someone I like will be floated to the floor too so that I don't loose my  Seriously, is today over yet?


  1. I'm so sorry for the bad news! Hopefully the new boss is a good one who sees your husband works hard and deserves that raise!

  2. Thanks, he's hoping to get the one who's leaving to try to push through the raise before she leaves, or at least start the ball rolling. As of right now we're keeping on our TTC timeline unless something big changes.